Okay, folks…I admittedly agonized over this one…and then I waffled over it…and then I lost a little sleep…and then I canvassed everyone…and then I decided to do exactly what I thought I wanted to do in the first place…

What is the point of a Star System? To me it’s a quick reference to help decide whether or not I should buy a ticket (based on the reviewer’s opinion, that is!)…That being the case, I am implementing a 5 Star system which is NOT predicated by professionalism, comparative rankings, or some statistical scheme comprised of various production values…I figure the average audience member goes to the theatre to be entertained, so that will be the basis of the Stars I allocate – the entertainment value of the production (based on my opinion, that is!)…

This is what it looks like:

5 Stars – Exceptional!

4 Stars – Entertaining

3 Stars – Worthwhile

2 Stars – Has Its Moments

1 Star – Weak

0 Stars – Stay Home!

*Feedback on this system is welcome…Not only do I reserve the right to update it when I come to realize how flawed it is – I’m very likely to do so!

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